The Customised Courses category provides a responsive and personalized approach to education and training. These courses empower individuals and organizations to focus on what truly matters, resulting in enhanced skills, improved performance, and tangible outcomes that contribute to growth and success. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, organisations and individuals alike seek learning experiences that align precisely with their unique requirements. Customised courses cater to this demand by offering tailor-made content, schedules, and formats to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

This Lean Management course is a comprehensive 5-day program designed to equip healthcare professionals with the principles and tools of Lean methodology for efficient and effective healthcare operations.

Participants will delve into the application of Lean principles to streamline processes, eliminate waste, enhance productivity, and improve overall healthcare facility performance.

Through a combination of theoretical concepts, case studies, and hands-on exercises, participants will gain practical insights into optimising resource utilisation and driving continuous improvement in healthcare facility settings.

The Masterclass for Non-profit organisations (NPOs) delves into the various aspects, and challenges, that NPOs face in the South African, and African context. This Masterclass is designed to equip attendees with the required skills to: • Understand, Manage, and Build Sustainable Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs/CBOs/FBOs). This Masterclass is intended for all persons who need to: • Establish new NPOs (legal requirements) • Manage existing NPOs (sustainability and resilience) • Engage donors & volunteers (attract, develop, and maintain) • Engage NPO stakeholders (engagement framework)

This impactful course equips Shop Stewards with the required skills of successfully Investigating, Defending, and Prosecuting a disciplinary case. The course is split into theoretical and practical components. We delve into the importance of:

  • Law of evidence - how to gather evidence, lead evidence, and argue your case in opening and closing statements in a workplace disciplinary hearing;
  • Preparing witnesses’ evidence and Cross examination techniques for workplace hearing;
  • Complying with legislation regarding disciplinary matters;
  • Initiating a disciplinary hearing;
  • Dealing with misconduct with from the perspective of relevant case law and the CCMA guidelines.